Gepubliceerd op 18 augustus 2020

Let’s make the 15 Minute City a reality: Rethinking the urban mobility system and space

Invitation for cities to co-design the research and innovation programme of the Driving Urban Transitions Partnership
In the forerun of Horizon Europe, JPI Urban Europe is preparing a co-funded European Partnership on
sustainable urban development, Driving Urban Transitions (DUT). As one of the priorities, the ambition to realise 15 Minutes Cities has been identified and included in the draft concept of DUT.
The partnership follows a challenge-driven approach and aims to co-design the programme with problem
owners and urban actors. This is why we are inviting city representatives to join a focus group and help us
shape the 7 years programme on the 15 Minute City.
Participants are invited to workshops to jointly develop a vision and identify key elements and research and innovation needs to make 15 Minutes Cities a reality. These ideas will be put forward to the DUT partners and funding agencies to prepare a multi-year programme.
The focus group will meet three times from September to November 2020. The workshops will be
organised online and will be scheduled for three hours max each. Additional events involving a wider urban stakeholder community will be organised in between to reflect focus group results and allow different stakeholders to contribute to the process.

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