Gepubliceerd op 25 maart 2020

Kom naar het slotcongres van het project STAD over automatisch rijden

STAD (VerDuS SURF-project Spatial and Transport impacts of Automated Driving) and MHC (MVI-project Meaningful Human Control) organize a final open event on the 10th of June! They join forces to offer you the results of 5 years research in the field of Automated Driving. In an interactive way we will look back and forward on what we learned and what we can do with it.

The event is open for everybody who wants to learn more about the impacts of Automated Driving. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to meet other parties and developers working in this field of traffic and transportation since our visitors range from academia and students to industry and government.

You’re welcome to join on the 10th of June (13.00 – 17.00)
Location: Connekt, Ezelsveldlaan 59 in Delft
Subscription is free, registration via de Connekt website.