10 juni 2020 Webinar

Automated Driving On-line College tour: spatial and transport impacts and meaningful human control

Due to the circumstances of COVID-19, it is no longer possible to host the final open event at Connekt as was planned originally. But, no worries! Instead, STAD (VerDuS SURF-project Spatial and Transport impacts of Automated Driving) and MHC (MVI-project Meaningful Human Control) organize an On-line College tour, such that we can still look back and forward on what we learned and what we can do with the knowledge we obtained during the last 4 years.

In this On-line College tours the researchers will share the results of their 4 years of work in STAD and MHC, we will close all sessions with a panel discussion.

Look at the five webinars (10 + 18 + 25 June, 27 August and 10 September) and sign op for just one or maybe all of them!