31 mei 2022 Helsingborg

31 mei | AGORA Thematic Dialogue: “Making use of the 15-minute city – levers, impact criteria and indicators for a sustainable and inclusive urban mobility system”

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 but also in context of the climate crisis, concepts that focus on the hyperlocal level – promoting mixed-use, lively neighbourhoods with short distances to services and opportunities – gained more traction for cities globally. One of these concepts is the 15-minute city that has reached wide attention and has been taken up and interpreted in many different cities and contexts.
Working intensively with the 15-minute city in the Driving Urban Transitions Partnership, we want to invite you to a AGORA Dialogue – organised back to back with the Urban Futures Conference in Helsingborg/Sweden – to discuss, reflect and co-create with us:
- What are the greatest challenges and biggest levers for a more sustainable and inclusive mobility system in our cities?
- Which are the essential criteria to define and qualify impacts for 15-minute city approaches?
- Which indicators help us to describe qualities and quantify changes in the urban mobility system?
This meeting is for representatives from city administrations as well as participants of the Urban Futures Conference (in their role as civil society stakeholder, researchers, small-medium sized businesses including consultancies and mobility service providers, public utilities)