Gepubliceerd op 3 oktober 2019

Denk mee met de call ‘Urban Accessibility and Connectivity’ (JPI Urban Europe)

A call for proposals will be launched in December 2019. With the aim to refine the preliminary version of the call text, JPI Urban Europe now invites stakeholders to respond to an open consultation on the call topics.

The online consultation has been set up in order to get advice and feedback for the preparation of a transnational, European call for RDI (Research/Development/Innovation) proposals dedicated to urban accessibility and connectivity and to urban mobility.

Together with the European Commission, 21 national research and innovation funding agencies, from 16 European countries (mainly members of JPI Urban Europe), have earmarked a global budget of about 25 M€, in order to support between 15 and 20 transnational RDI projects. The call for proposals is currently planned to be launched in mid-December 2019.

Read more in the newsletter of JPI Urban Europe.