20 november - 21 november 2019 Riga, Letland

Workshop ‘Unfolding the dilemma of Urban Public Space development and maintenance: Consequenes for R&I and practice’

AGORA Thematic Dialogue

Urban public spaces fulfill important societal functions and shape many of the characteristics of cities and urban areas. However, there are several dilemmas (competing goals, interests, strategies, etc.) involved in their development and maintenance. In simpler terms, addressing one issue/challenge in an urban context might have negative effects in another realm. Regarding urban public spaces, for instance, typical crossings of concerns relate to everyone’s right to the city, openness to different societal groups, climate change actions and how to cater for safety and security without promoting increasingly exclusive spaces. 'Inclusive Public Spaces for Urban Subscribe Past Issues Translate Livability' is one of the thematic priorities of JPI Urban Europe's SRIA 2.0.

In order to discuss these issues with you, JPI Urban Europe would like to invite you to a workshop dedicated to unfold the dilemmas of urban public spaces. You are welcome to share your expertise, perspectives and experiences from your work and ongoing and/or past projects and to exchange/co-create with colleagues in this multi- and interdisciplinary workshop.