22 april 2021 Online vanuit Pakhuis de Zwijger

R-LINK ONLINE #4 [English] How do we learn what from whom in planning?

As more and more citizens are playing a role in participation projects in urban development, it is important to realise the importance of social learning: how do people learn, and what do they learn from whom?

In this episode of R-LINK Online, Natasja van den Berg interviews PhD candidate Kim Carlotta von Schönfeld (Wageningen UR), who did her PhD research on social learning in urban development projects in Groningen and Brazil. She will discuss relevant lessons for co-creation processes in urban development. Senior researcher Wendy Tan (Wageningen UR) will react on the findings.

At the end of the programme, cartoonists Bas Köhler and Suus van den Akker will have a cartoon battle with drawings based on the discussion. Afterwards, all participants are invited to an informal meet and greet with the speakers in a special online environment.